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Mojo Kids

Having grown up in South Africa, we have been fortunate to see Mother Nature at her awesome best. Once you have seen an animal in the wild, up close and personal with the smells and sounds under an African sky it will never leave you and you will appreciate how truly exquisite our planet is.

Mojo Kids was started in September 2012 when we were introduced to a unique brand of baby and children’s clothing that reflected the love of animals. The deal was sealed when we learnt that Hooligans Kids Clothing® is designed and made in South Africa and is Fair Trade Certified! This means that they support and abide by ethical business practices and that they care about disadvantaged communities and the environment.

This resonated with us and how we feel about the global community and the world we live in. We all talk about wanting to make a difference and to help preserve our planet…………..but how? Voila we had our answer.

We wish to make a difference and we want to know that our choice to make a change is reaching the right people. No more exploitation through mass production and no more poor quality run-of-the-mill products. We support garments made with passion, care and a conscience. That is why we support Fair Trade and Hooligans Kids Clothing.

We love the products and we are sure you will too! Thank you for your support.

Natalie & Pearly

The Hooligans Brand   

Hooligans Kids Clothing is made from 100% African cotton and is also 100% Fair Trade certified. It is designed and manufactured in South Africa by an eclectic collection of individuals who care about the environment, support their communities and are committed to ethical business practices. Their passion and personality comes through in their clothing - which is fun, cheeky, vibrant and original.

You will be impressed by the quality and detailing, just as many around the globe have been. Started in 1996, Hooligans Kids Clothing has grown into an international brand found in the USA, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and in the UK, in up market stores such as Harrods and John Lewis. This unique range is now available in Australia and Mojo Kids are proud to be stockists of this truly African brand.